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 Author Thread: Using Frames with combo boxes?
BoomerDan is not online. Last active: 7/28/2004 3:52:08 PM BoomerDan
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Using Frames with combo boxes?
Posted: 02 Jul 2002 09:01 AM
Hello, I am developing a two frame site (each named "top" and "bottom"). In the top frame, called "top", I have 4 comboboxes with a few selection that drop down. I'm using the bottom frame, called "bottom", to display an html page based on the users selection in the top frame. I'm using a JavaScript to try and do this. My page worked without frames, but apparently I'm missing something to move this into the framed site.

Below is the code I'm using as the top frame.



<script language="Javascript">

function goToURL(form) {

var index = form.dropdownmenu.selectedIndex
if (!index == "")



<body topmargin=0 leftmargin=0 bgcolor=darkblue>

<table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 width=100%>


<td valign=top width=10% align=middle>

<h3><font color=white size=2 face=Arial,Times,Courier>EMF</font></h3>


<td width=90% align=middle>

<form name="menuform">
<select name="dropdownmenu" onChange="goToURL(this.form)">
<option value="">OS Reports Available
<option value="total_mem_usage.html">Total Memory Usage
<option value="total.cpu.util.html">Total CPU Utilization

<select name="dropdownmenu" onChange="goToURL(this.form)">
<option value="" selected>DB Reports Available
<option value="listener_status.html">Listener Status
<option value="instance_status.html">Instance Status

<select name="dropdownmenu" onChange="goToURL(this.form)">
<option value="" selected>Application Reports Available
<option value="total_mem_usage.html">"Total e*Gate Application Memory Usage
<option value="total_cpu_util.html">Total e*Gate Application CPU Utilization

<select name="dropdownmenu" onChange="goToURL(this.form)">
<option value="" selected>Transaction Reports Available
<option value="867_810_814_flow.html">867_810_814 Flow
<option value="814_01_16.html">814_01 and 814_16 Flow
<option value="867_03_cis+.html">867_03 to CIS+ Report







The bottom frame starts out with basically nothing in it since it's going to be replaced with the page the user selects.

Can anyone figure out why the url of the selection isn't passed to the bottom frame's href property?

Thanks, Dan

qsaaiman is not online. Last active: 5/30/2006 4:23:08 AM qsaaiman
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Posted: 03 Jul 2002 01:27 AM

This should solve your problem:

<script language="Javascript">
function goToURL(form) {
var sel_box_name =
var selectedItem = form[sel_box_name].selectedIndex
if (!selectedItem == "")
window.parent.bottom.location = form[sel_box_name].options[selectedItem].value

There was one error. You left out the last "}". :)
Just replace your script with the one above. Just rename your select boxes. Each must have a unique name. Well that's all really. :)


Quintin Saaiman
Department of Labour
IT Systems

Quintin Saaiman
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