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Alternate document for printing

Printing a page online usually means printing more than what you actually want. Webpages are quite fancy nowadays, with ad banners on top, navigational links on the left, and so on. That's fine when you're viewing the page online, but when you're printing the page, you only want to print out the "actual content", and nothing else from the page! Many sites nowadays understand this, and provide an alternate "print" version of the document that surfers can go to and print out. Well, there's actually a much more elegant and seamless way of accomplishing the same thing, and that is by using the tag. IE 4+ (and hopefully NS 5 when it comes out) supports a version of the tag that allows you to specify to the printer which file it should print when the user selects print. In other words, the job of locating the alternate print version of the document to print out is left to the printer, instead of the surfer.
Simply copy the below into the <HEAD> section of your web page. Change printversion.doc to the file intended to be used for printing. The file can be of virtually any format (pdf, Word etc). When the user selects "Print", the printer will look for this file and print it instead of the current page. Netscape will simply ignore this tag, and print out the original page. 
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