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Browser Earthquake!

Description: Real life earthquakes may induce sheer terror, but browser ones are a whole different story. Using DHTML, we've created an earthquake script that shakes the browser, simulating a quake effect. Use it to grab your visitor's attention, if nothing else. Here are some highlights of this amusing script: The quake occurs randomly, meaning not every time the browser loads will it shake. The chance of an earthquake is around 50%. The magnitude of the quake differs randomly during each shake. You could experience an unnoticeable 1-in-rector-scale nudge, or a 10-in-rector monster! Right after the shake, a dynamic message will appear on screen for a few seconds informing the visitor what just happened. The quake script is cross-browser functional- there's no escaping!

Demo: You should have experienced it when entering this page. Reload for another. Note that in this demonstration, we've altered the script so the quake occurs every time you run the script (as opposed to randomly).
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