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3D text

DHTML still has a long way to go in terms of fully replacing images when creating 3D text. While it is quite possible and easy to create DHTML text in IE 4+, it's a different story in NS 4. In fact, because of the way NS handled this script, we had to alter the default look of this script page so the script is not enclosed inside a table (otherwise, the text gets positioned in a "funny" way). This script is featured more for DHTML developer's sake- take a look at the script's source, and learn from the techniques used to render the 3D text. 

These are examples for graphics and 3D lettering without GIF or JPEG images. With this style of lettering, pages will load faster than ever. This page can be viewed with Netscape Navigator 4+ or Internet Explorer 4+" -Raul R. Edwards
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