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Fancy Cursor Template

Using CSS, you can give elements in your document a different cursor image when the mouse moves over them. For example, instead of the default "hand" image, you can give links a "help" cursor instead when the mouse moves over them, or tables a "crosshair" cursor. Use our cursor wizard to generate all the necessary code for you!
This link has a "help" cursor
This table has a hand cursor!

buggy.gif (13743 bytes)
This image has a "wait" cursor

Directions: There are in general 7 types of cursors you can choose from to be associated with any (with the exception of a few) elements in a document. They are the "hand", "crosshair", "text", "wait", "move", "wait", and "resize" cursor. The below shows these cursors, in that order:


Click on the cursor you want to use, and the necessary CSS code for that cursor will be shown in the below box. Paste that code into the element you wish the cursor to be associated with:

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