For what this script is

Sometimes searching information through the internet you find sites with huge amount of it. May be you feel some discomfort with necessity of scrolling text? This script will help you to make process of reading more comfortable. All you need is to select a desired article from the box to the right. And this article jumps to the very top of the webpage. Please see the instructions in the next block of text (do not scroll! Just click an appropriate link to the right)

How to use this script

Firstly, put the function "zi" into tag <body>.
<body onLoad = "zi('','lst','<br>','#6495ed','',1)">
Split the text with <div> or <p>.
There are three methods of script working:
  1. Create list of all paragraphs of the html-document. In case the paragraph comtains the tags: <Hx>, <LI>, <OL>, <UL>, <DIV>, <CENTER>, <DL>, <DT>, <DD>, <HR>, <PRE>; view of the paragraph should be as follows <p><table><td>Text</td></table></p>.
    Call: zi('','lst','<br>','#6495ed','',1)
  2. Create list of all nameless <div>-s, inside the <div> with the name "zz". Do you want some <div> wasn't listed in the roll give a name to this <div>
    Call: zi('zz','lst','<br>','#6495ed','',1)
  3. Creates a list of all parts with names "z1", "z2", "z3" etc (you may use any letter instead of "z").
    Call: zi('z','lst','<br>','#6495ed','',1)
If you add "title=" in <div> or <p>, roll will be equipped with the text of "title" instead of number. This script can work with all three metods. Try to change the first parameter of function zi (for third method use the letter "x").

Parameters of function zi

  1. Letter of name (empty - paragraphs; zz - unnamed <div>-s in <div id="zz">; letter - names by order "z1", "z2", "z3" etc).
  2. Name of css-class.
  3. "<br>" for arrangement numbers in columns and " " (space) for arranging numbers in raws.
  4. Color of number (In case it is empty - blur).
  5. Color of selected number (in case of it is empty - red).
  6. In case it's "0", do not display "+-<>".

Lewis Carroll. The hunting of the Snark

an Agony in Eight Fits
Fit the First - THE LANDING (1-4)

"Just the place for a Snark!" the Bellman cried, 
As he landed his crew with care; 
Supporting each man on the top of the tide 
By a finger entwined in his hair. 

"Just the place for a Snark! I have said it twice: 
That alone should encourage the crew. 
Just the place for a Snark! I have said it thrice: 
What i tell you three times is true." 

The crew was complete: it included a Boots - 
A maker of Bonnets and Hoods - 
A Barrister, brought to arrange their disputes - 
And a Broker, to value their goods. 

A Billiard-maker, whose skill was immense, 
Might perhaps have won more than his share - 
But a Banker, engaged at enormous expense, 
Had the whole of their cash in his care. 

Fit the First - THE LANDING (5-8)

There was also a Beaver, that paced on the deck, 
Or would sit making lace in the bow: 
And had often (the Bellman said) saved them from wreck, 
Though none of the sailors knew how. 

There was one who was famed for the number of things 
He forgot when he entered the ship: 
His umbrella, his watch, all his jewels and rings, 
And the clothes he had bought for the trip. 

He had forty-two boxes, all carefully packed, 
With his name painted clearly on each: 
But, since he omitted to mention the fact, 
They were all left behind on the beach. 

The loss of his clothes hardly mattered, because 
He had seven coats on when he came, 
With three pairs of boots - but the worst of it was, 
He had wholly forgotten his name.  

Fit the First - THE LANDING (9-12)

He would answer to "Hi!" or to any loud cry, 
Such as "Fry me!" or "Fritter my wig!" 
To "What-you-may-call-um!" or "What-was-his-name!" 
But especially "Thing-um-a-jig!" 

While, for those who preferred a more forcible word, 
He had different names from these: 
His intimate friends called him "Candle-ends," 
And his enemies "Toasted-cheese." 

"His form in ungainly - his intellect small - " 
(So the Bellman would often remark) 
"But his courage is perfect! And that, after all, 
Is the thing that one needs with a Snark."

He would joke with hyenas, returning their stare 
With an impudent wag of the head: 
And he once went a walk, paw-in-paw, with a bear, 
"Just to keep up its spirits," he said. 

Fit the First - THE LANDING (13-16)

He came as a Baker: but owned, when too late - 
And it drove the poor Bellman half-mad - 
He could only bake Bridecake - for which, I may state, 
No materials were to be had. 

The last of the crew needs especial remark, 
Though he looked an incredible dunce: 
He had just one idea - but, that one being "Snark," 
The good Bellman engaged him at once. 

He came as a Butcher: but gravely declared, 
When the ship had been sailing a week, 
He could only kill Beavers. The Bellman looked scared, 
And was almost too frightened to speak: 

But at length he explained, in a tremulous tone, 
There was only one Beaver on board; 
And that was a tame one he had of his own, 
Whose death would be deeply deplored. 

Fit the First - THE LANDING (17-22)

The Beaver, who happened to hear the remark, 
Protested, with tears in its eyes, 
That not even the rapture of hunting the Snark 
Could atone for that dismal surprise!

It strongly advised that the Butcher should be 
Conveyed in a separate ship: 
But the Bellman declared that would never agree 
With the plans he had made for the trip: 

Navigation was always a difficult art, 
Though with only one ship and one bell: 
And he feared he must really decline, for his part, 
Undertaking another as well. 

The Beaver's best course was, no doubt, to procure 
A second-hand dagger-proof coat - 
So the Baker advised it - and next, to insure 
Its life in some Office of note: 

This the Banker suggested, and offered for hire 
(On moderate terms), or for sale, 
Two excellent Policies, one Against Fire, 
And one Against Damage From Hail. 

Yet still, ever after that sorrowful day, 
Whenever the Butcher was by, 
The Beaver kept looking the opposite way, 
And appeared unaccountably shy.


Gorky Park - Two Candles

Lonelyness is my only guest
Who visits me alone at night
When it comes I light two candles
Just the way it was
And pretend the flames become your eyes

Emptyness is a friend I guess
The shadow played upon the wall
If I let the candles take me
I can see your face
And remember hearing someone call your name

My candles are crying O-o-o-o-h
My candles are crying O-o-o-o-h
They're crying for you
They're waiting for you
I'm waiting for you

Is it you knocking at my door
Or maybe just a ghostly wind
How I wish that you were here
Sitting by my side
And you'll bring me back to life again tonight

My candles are crying O-o-o-o-h     
My candles are crying O-o-o-o-h     
They're crying for you             
They're waiting for you             
I'm waiting for you               

Dj Bobo - Respect Yourself

Respectful yourself
Oh, oh, oh, oh, respect yourself
You need to
Respect yourself
Oh, oh, oh
Respect yourself
Respect yourself, oh yeah
If you disrespect everybody that
Your running to (yeah, yeah, yeah)
How in the world do you
Think anybody's gonna respect you
If you don't give heck about the man
The bible in his hand
Just get out the way and let the
Gentleman do his thangs (ah, ah)
Your the kind of gentleman
That want everything
Your way (huh) oh yeah
Take the sheet off your
Face boy (yeah)
It's a brand new day
Oh you walk around thinking
That the world owes you something
Cause you're here (yeah) you're
Going out the world backward like
Ya did when you first came here
(Say well) well
You talk about the president
Won't stop the air pollution
(Won't stop) no, no, no
Just put ya hand on ya mouth that
Help the solution (yeah)
Oh, you cuss around women folk
And don't even know their name
(You don't know) you don't even know
their name
And dumb enough to think that'll
A make you a bigger man, (big-o-man)
If you don't respect yourself
Then ain't nobody gonna give a big
Cahoot, oh, oh, oh