What's new in Dreamweaver 2 Dreamweaver 2 offers several new features that improve your productivity during web site development. Dynamic content publishing Makes getting your content on the web faster and easier. Use templates to separate content from design, enabling faster turnaround to the web. See Templates overview. View server-side includes directly in the Document window. See Using server-side includes. Sitewide editing Helps you manage large sites. Create a visual, hierarchical site map; useful for presenting your vision to clients as well as managing the site structure. See Creating site maps. Drag and drop files, or simply point to files, to create links. See Creating links. Use link management tools to keep links up to date as you move, rename, and delete files. See Managing links. Use sitewide, multifile search and replace to make global changes to your site. Take advantage of HTML-aware search and replace to search for HTML tags and attributes. You can also use regular expressions to make your searches even more powerful. See Searching and replacing. Tools for graphic artists Let you bring your designers into the development process. Use layers to design complex, pixel-precise page designs, then convert layers to tables to create pages that work in all browsers. See Using layers to design tables. Pick up a color from anywhere on the desktop and snap it to the nearest web-safe color with the web-safe eyedropper. See Choosing colors. Use a tracing image to quickly build pages from a designer's mock-up. See Using a tracing image. Improved table editing Makes it easy to create great-looking tables in HTML. Easily cut, copy, and paste multiple cells, rows, and columns. See Copying and pasting cells. Easily select multiple table cells and modify their properties. See Selecting table elements. Split any table cell into multiple cells. See Splitting and merging cells. Quickly format tables with preset designs. See Formatting a table with a preset design. Sort tables numerically and alphabetically by row or column. See Sorting tables. Improved productivity features Make it easy for you to work smarter and faster. Customize your workspace by combining palettes and inspectors into a single tabbed palette. See Dockable floating palettes. Instantly resize the Document window to preset or custom dimensions. See Resizing the Document window. Use shortcut menus to quickly access the commands you use most often. See Shortcut menus. View and manipulate HEAD content in the Document window. See Viewing and editing HEAD content. Play plugins right in the Dreamweaver Document window. See Playing plugins in the Document window. An extensible environment Gives you the power to customize and extend Dreamweaver to fit the way you work. See Extending Dreamweaver overview. Use commands to perform edits to the current document, such as sorting a table or cleaning up your HTML source code. Write your own commands, just as you would objects or behavior actions. Give custom tags a visual representation in the Document window, and create Property inspectors for them so you can easily set their properties. Write your own data translators to view the results of server processing in the Document window.