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Javascript Basics

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Drag and Resize Drag and resize images and blocks of text

What is JavaScript?
JavaScript is the scripting language of the Internet. JavaScript was developed by Netscape. It is considered to be the most popular scripting language on the Net. JavaScript is used in millions of Web pages to validate forms, to enhance the design, and much more.

Why learn JavaScript?
There are many reasons why one would want to learn JavaScript. The biggest reason Is its capability. With html, you are restricted to creating static, non interactive WebPages. This, in today's Internet standards, is unacceptable. JavaScript allows you to change that. With JavaScript everything is up to you. You have full 100% control.

What's the difference between Java and JavaScript?
Java and JavaScript have nothing in common. Java is NOT short for JavaScript! These are two completely different languages. Java is a lot more powerful, more complex. Java belongs in the same category of languages as C, C++, and other very complex languages. Also, you need to compile a Java program before you can run it, whereas with JavaScript, no compilation is needed-simply open up a text editor, type it, save it, and your browser is ready to run it!

Can my JavaScript programs run on both Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers?
Unfortunately No. Even though JavaScript was created by Netscape (Sun), Netscape is far behind as far as supporting JavaScript functionality in its Browsers. Generally Internet Explorer is much more supportive of JavaScript than Netscape. Also from the developers stand point, it is much easier to develop JavaScript's for IE than Netscape. The only advantage Netscape has over IE in this issue is that It is 100% better and easier to debug JavaScript in Netscape than IE.


What is JavaScript

JavaScript is a scripting language designed for adding interactivity to HTML pages. The language was first implemented by Netscape Communications in Netscape Navigator 2 beta (1995). JavaScript is different from the Java language (developed at Sun Microsystems). However, the two languages can interoperate well.

JavaScript programs, or scripts, are usually embedded directly in HTML files. The script executes when the user's browser opens the HTML file. (There is also server-side JavaScript, but it's beyond the scope of this FAQ collection.)

JavaScript is an interpreted language. This means that scripts execute without preliminary compilation, i.e. without conversion of the script text into a system-dependent machine code. The user's browser interprets the script, that is, analyzes and immediately executes it. JavaScript is supported by the following browsers:

  • Netscape Navigator (beginning with version 2.0)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (beginning with version 3.0)
  • Any other browser/product whose vendor licensed or implemented JavaScript interpreter (for example, Opera).

Thus, most Internet users today have browsers that support JavaScript. That's why JavaScript is one of the most popular tools for adding interactive features to Web pages.